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What People Are Saying About Us:

By Rosina - May 5

Mat is perfect! So much better than the material mat i had been using. And stays in place which is another plus. Additionally i could use it as a hot pad. Well designed. Kudos to the company!

By Jodi A. Shinnon - Aug. 16

Love this mat !!! I had a large plastic dish dry rack and it was super bulky and not very nice looking . I bought this mat to replace the bulky dish rack and it has a super clean look and the raised ridges allow my dishes to dry well ! Now my counter is neat and not cluttered looking - the scrubby was an added plus!!

Love, Love, Love It!!

By Kiana C - Dec. 9

Wow! This is huge! I had to move a couple things from the counter to fit this but I love it. I was so sick of the microfiber pads that were useless after one washing and were so small. I don't use the dishwasher for my pots and pans so I would have to dry each pot as soon as I washed it. Now I can wash them all and then dry them at once. It's also great for washing vegetables and letting them air dry, especially greens, such as kale. The scrub brush it came with is awesome as it makes cleaning the mat so easy.

By PCM - Nov. 7

Finally something that I like as a dish mat! We used to use a foam "pad", but that always looked a bit spotty, even after washing. This looks immaculate, holds things from slipping and easy to pop into the dishwasher for cleaning.