Dish Washing Tips

Easy & Fun Dishwashing Tips!

Sink Dish Washing Tips:

Use vinegar and baking soda to clean when things burn to the bottom of a pan.

Use COLD water to remove dairy and starchy things such as potatoes, pasta rice etc., warm or hot watemakes it almost like glue. (seriously, try this, you’ll be giggling like a school girl at how easy it is!)

Run the blender or food processor with water and a bit of dish soap in it to give it a good pre-rinse cycle.

Don’t put dirty dishes in the sink, put them on a dish mat or in a bin next to the sink. This way you don’t have tmove them to fill the sink.

Use a plastic bin to wash your dishes in, it will save water and you still can use the drain if needed.

Pre-wash ideas:

Pour grease into tin foil, or a silicone stretch lid once it hardens you can simply toss or keep for the pan next time (Mmmm, bacon).

Fill greasy pans with warm water and set them off to the side until you are ready for them.

Wash order:

1) Glassware

2) Cutlery and also scrape plates (and rinse if using the bin method)

3) Pots and pans

4) Do cast iron last & wash without soap!

Dishwasher Tips:

Load knives and scissors handle up (for obvious reasons).

Scrape plates before loading them (seriously, where can that gunk possibly go otherwise?)

Face plates, bowls etc. towards the sprayer. This means from the outside they should face inward and towarthe middle.

Put glasses between the tines, not over them.

Use the cutlery bins to sort before you wash, put forks in bin 1, knives bin 2 etc.

Unload bottom rack first, it will keep dishes on bottom dry.

Use a mesh laundry bag to organize lids, pacifiers and other loose items together.

Use a rubber band around the outside of a wine glass to secure it to a tine.