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Extra EXTRA Large Silicone Dish Mat 23" x 18"

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FUNCTIONAL SIZE - At 23” x 18” this dish mat is large enough to hold any size dish rack and still have room for other items like chopping boards or big pots. In fact, this is the largest silicone drying mat available on the market. The standard US counter is 24” deep, so at 23” the mat won’t overhang your counter top but maximizes your useful counter space. Let’s face it, once you have something on your counter next to your sink, that space is essentially all used, you don’t really have room for anything else; why not make the most of it?
Tall Solid Ridges – A very important feature of a dish mat is that it keeps your dishes and stemware safe. For this larger size we have re-worked the ridge height to allow maximum air flow while maintaining stability.

Wide Spaces - The gaps between the ridges are just as important as the ridges themselves. After thorough research we established the perfect ridge width to allow you to easily clean between them and still maintain stability.

Increased Edge Height - The edge around the mat is slightly taller than the ridges themselves to allow added water capacity, this mat can hold up to 4 cups of water.

Your family’s health is important. We know you and your families health is of the utmost importance, we only use 100% FDA approved silicone and dyes in our products.

Bonus: Because you can’t wash dishes without something to actually “wash” them with, you’ll also receive a silicone scrubby which has all the same antibacterial properties of the dish mat!

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